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Economic police office and Market Guide Hotline

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General information
Yiwu is a middle-size city (covers an area of 1,105 sq km with 6 towns and 7 sub-districts),located in the JinHua area(with LanXi,WuYi-hotspring,YongKang-hardware ,Pan'an ,DongYang-construction ,PuJiang-crystal) ,middle of Zhejiang province.  

Physical Geography
In Yiwu, the climate is moderate, with abundant rainfalls.The landforms and the soil types of the city are varied, including medium and low mountains, hills, hillocks and plains, and the city is rich in its sunlight and heat resources. Yiwu is situated in the subtropical monsoon climate area with a warm and moist climate and a clear seasonal distinction. The average annual temperature is around 17℃, with the highest being 29.3℃ in July and the lowest 4.2℃ in January. The annual frost-free period averages about 243 days and the annual rainfall between 1100 to 1600 millimeters.

History of Yiwu
Yiwu County, established in 222 BC and cancelled in 1988 when Yiwu City was established, boasts a long history of 2,229 years. A number of celebrities with lofty ideals were born in Yiwu, among whom are Luo Bingwang, one of the four famous litterateurs in the early Tang Dynasty, Zong Ze, renowned general of the Song Dynasty, Zhu Danxi, one of the four distinguished doctors of the Jin and Yuan Dynasties and educator Chen Wangdao, literature and art theorist Feng Xuefeng and historian Wu Han in modern times.
Since the reform and opening-up, Yiwu people have taken a road of regional development with their own characteristics by adhering to the development strategy of “building the city by prospering commerce”, centered on fostering, development and upgrading of the market, and boosting the industrialization, internationalization and integration of urban and rural areas. 

When To Go

Influenced by the subtropical monsoon climate, Yiwu has four distinctive seasons in a year with plenty of sunshine and rainfall. The mild climate brings comfortable weather temperatures for the city that is about 17.1C (about 63F) on average. Except the hot July and a little coldness in January, you can visit here at any time, especially in the pleasant autumn of September and October. Besides the balmy climate, lots of visitors swarm into the city every October to visit the China Yiwu International Commodities Fair which held in Yiwu  21-25,Oct annually .

Interesting tourism scenes
There are many tourist spots to visit around Yiwu city. Here are the places which present a particular interest:
The West Lake(XiHu Lake) (in HangZhou,Capital of ZheJiang Province,Title of The most beautiful city in China)
PuTuo Mountain (in ZhouShan ,island city in ZheJiang Province)
QianDaoHu Lake (HangZhou)
ShuangLongDong Cavity (JinHua)
YangDang Mountain
DaCi Rock
SongPuShan Waterfalls(YiWu)
HengDian Movie and Television city(DongYang)
The ShuangLin Si buddhist temple (Shuanglinsi), situated on the  Yunhuangshan mountain,YiWu FoTang.

If you need booking air ticket you can ask hotel to arrange it . and if you want travel alot better let Travel Agent to take you ,here is a travel agent well know in yiwu: ShangDu Tourism,Ms.Zhao 13588689192 (travel alot yiwu China)

YiWu specialities food
The "three great treasures": Brown sugar, Yiwu ham and the Nan date
Other specialities include: soya milk skin, the dry rolls made with bean milk cream, Baizi (local alcohol), the HuangHua pear...

Bus: 1.5 rmb/Person
Taxi: 6 rmb first 2km


yiwu visa requirements:

Yiwu visa office   Top ↑
Yiwu Entry & Exit Administrator Bureau(visa office)义乌市公安局出入境管理局-visa issue center in yiwu
Address:Foreigners' employment procedure:Windows 2,1/F of Yiwu International Trade Service Center  (No.288,FuTian Road )  .
Visa Office at 1/F . 义乌市福田路288号(福田市场四区)
Tel: 0579-85414444 or 85414400 / 85414462


Economic police office in yiwu city  Top ↑
Report for Help: 110
Economic Investigation Team Service: 0579 -85275275
Market Customer Service: 0579-96032 / 0579-81530000


Labor office for working card :
Employment card 就业证(就业管理局): 0579-85435263


Yiwu 365 for company register (Representative)


Yiwu post code : 322000


Area code : 0579


Government Departments
Working Day : Monday-Friday
Working Hour: 9:30- 11:30 , 13:30-16:00


Contact information of Foreign Affairs Departments in Yiwu Top ↑

Visa, Residence Permit, Entry & Exit Pass, Loss of Passport

  • Entry & Exit Administration of Yiwu Public Security Bureau
  • Add: Foreigners' employment procedure:Windows 2,1/F of Yiwu International Trade Service Center  (No.288,FuTian Road )  .
    Visa Office at 2/F .
  • Tel: 85414499, 85414400, 85414477


    Medical Exam, Vaccination, Inquiry on Travel Hygiene

  • Yiwu Disease Prevention and Control Center
  • Add: 48, Xuefeng East Road
  • Tel: 85258162, 85258165, 85258160


    Registration of Foreign-invested Company, Representative Office of Foreign Company, Individually-owned Business of HK, Macau and Taiwan; Economic Disputes Mediation

  • Yiwu Administration of Industry and Commerce
  • Add: 365 Civil Service Center, 279 Jiangbin North Road
  • Tel: 85570039
  • Setting up Branch Office of Foreign-invested Company
  • Yiwu Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau
  • Add: 1F, No.288,FuTian Road
  • Tel: 85570088


    Foreigner Employment Application

  • Employment Section, Yiwu Bureau of Personnel, Labor and Social Security
  • Add: 3 F, 389, Xiangshan Road
  • Tel: 85435266


    Invitation for Foreign Businessmen

  • Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office
  • Add: 15F, 2, Jiangdong Middle Road
  • Tel: 85214580

    Tourism Information

  • Yiwu Tourism Administrative Bureau
  • Add: 213, Nanmen Street
  • Tel: 85522170

    Foreign Teacher & Student

  • Yiwu Education Bureau
  • Add: F10, 2, Jiangdong Middle Road
  • Tel: 85523456,85524122

    Places for Religion

  • Mosque:
  • Add: 90, Jiangbin West Road
  • Tel: 85639295
  • Christianity Church:
  • Add: 237, Zongze East Road
  • Tel: 85381677
  • Korean:
  • Add: 191, Chengdian Road
  • Tel: 85330442

    Emergency Calls

  • Police 110
  • Fire Emergency 119
  • Medical Emergency 120



    By Air Top ↑

    Yiwu Airport (YIW) is only about 10 kilometers northwest of Yiwu City, and has 10 domestic airlines operating from it, flying to Beijing (2hrs) and Guangzhou (1.5 hrs) daily, as well as a number of destinations less frequently including Chengdu (4hrs), Shenzhen (3hrs), Xiamen (1hr), Changsha (1.5hrs), Kunming (4hrs) and Shantou (1hr) as well as weekly flights to Hong Kong (2hrs).

    Shuttle buses run between the airport and Yiwu International Business and Trade City, taking about 20 minutes to reach the downtown area. 

    Yiwu Domestic Airport(YIW)(Yiwu Min Hang Ji Chang)
    Add: 201 Minhang Lu, Yiwu
    Airport Inquiry Tel: 0579-85665205, 85664821

    Shuttle service:
    A shuttle bus operates between Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and downtown Yiwu leaving hourly from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm from the arrival hall of the airport (door 5). Shuttle buses coming the other way from Yiwu to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport start up at 7:00 am running to 6:00 pm. To catch these, travelers should wait in the first floor waiting room of the Binwang Passenger Center. A one-way fare in either direction is RMB 60.

    A far cheaper (but less comfortable) option is the normal city bus number Y102, which leaves from the Yiwu International Business and Trade City and costs only about RMB 1.5. 

    » Air Ticketing service ...

    Yiwu CAAC Ticket Office
    Ticket Delivery Hotline: 0579-85456789, 85557772
    No.1 Office
    Add: 2F, 473 Chouzhou Beilu, Yiwu
    Tel: 0579-85542701, 85579254
    No.2 Office
    Add: inside the Shantu Business Hotel, 88 Chengzhong Zhonglu, Yiwu
    Tel: 0579-85456722, 85456786

    Chinese Overseas Aviation Office
    Add: 259 Chouzhou Beilu, Yiwu.
    Tel: 0579-85587155

    DiKaiTe Ticket Service Co, Ltd.

    Add: 2F, 773-777 Chouzhou Beilu, Yiwu(oppsite West Gate Of Futian Market 1  )
    Tel: 0579-85622100, 8562210, 85622118
    Fax: 0579-85622119
    Service hrs: 7:30-23:00

    Xingzhong Branch
    Add: 3F, 5-221, Xingzhong Residential Area, Yiwu
    Tel: 0579-85630077, 85630088
    Fax: 0579-85630090
    Service hrs: 8:00- 21:30

    Yihe Hotel Branch
    Add:1F, Yihe Hotel, Gongren Beilu, Yiwu
    Tel: 0579-83818881
    Fax: 0579-83818808
    Service hrs: 8:00-21:30

    Yiwu DiKaiTe Ticketing
    Add: 2F, 773-777 Chouzhou Beilu, Yiwu(oppsite West Gate Of Futian Market 1  )
    Air ticket : 0579-855 955 99
    Train ticket : 0579-856 22 000
    Fax : 0579-85622117
    By message : 15005797186
    QQ : 1044745773
    Service hrs: 7:30-23:00


    By Train Top ↑

    The new Yiwu Railway Station opened 10 kilometers outside of Yiwu in 2006, forming an important part of the transport network in the city. The station connects the city to Beijing (22.5hrs), Shanghai (2hrs 15minutes), Chongqing (26hrs), Chengdu (35hrs), Guangzhou (18hrs), Nanjing (7hrs) and many other large cities across the region and into China.

    Yiwu Railway Station Train Ticket Office
    Destinations: Hangzhou, Qiandao Lake, Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Beijing.
    Add: 138 Huochezhan Lu, Yiwu.

    » Train Ticketing service ...

    Binwang Ticket Office
    Add: No. 2 Shop, E District, Binwang Market, Yiwu
    Tel: 0579-85548187

    Huangyuan Ticket Office
    Add: 29 Huangyuan Lu, Yiwu.
    Tel: 0579-85535605

    Yiwu DKT Ticketing
    Air ticket : 0579-855 955 99
    Train ticket : 0579-856 22 000
    Fax : 0579-85622117
    By message : 15005797186
    QQ : 1044745773


    By Bus  Top ↑

    The city of Yiwu has several bus stations, three of which are particularly useful for long-distance travelers: The Binwang Passenger Center is the largest station in Yiwu City from where buses into several provinces can be caught including Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Shanxi and Guangdong. There are also several daily services to Shanghai and services every 20 minutes to Hangzhou.

    The South Passenger Station is the arrival station for buses from Hangzhou and has a similar spread of departing buses as the Binwang Passenger Center. Cities served by the third largest bus station in Yiwu (The Jiangdong Passenger Station) are mainly in the south of Zhejiang.

    Binwang Passenger Center (Bin Wang Ke Yun Zhong Xin )
    Destinations: Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Hefei, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Nanchang, Shijiazhuang
    Add: 221 Binwang Lu, Yiwu 
    Tel: 96233
    Bus routes: 8, 17

    Jiangdong Passenger Station (Jiang Dong Ke Yun Zhan )
    Destinations: Wenzhou, Lishui, Taizhou, Dongyang, Yongkang
    Add: 2 Jiangdong Zhonglu, Yiwu
    Tel: 96233
    Bus routes: 3, 6, 10, 13, 17

    South Passenger Station (Nan Fang Ke Yun Zhan)
    Destinations: Jinhua, Quzhou, Lanxi, Wuxi and some parts of Zhejiang Province
    Add: 80 Chouzhou Xilu, Yiwu
    Tel: 96233
    Bus routes: 1, 5, 7, 9, 12, 17



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