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Yiwu City Holds a High-level Seminar on the Market Transformation & Upgrade and International Production Material Market Construction

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At an important historical moment when the State Council has approved Yiwu municipal people’s government for carrying out the international trade comprehensive matching pilot reform, the High-level Seminar on the Yiwu Market Transformation & Upgrade and International Production Material Market Construction was grandly held at Kingdom Hotel. The seminar which takes “new stage, new opportunities and new development” as the theme has carries out the research and discussion on Yiwu market transformation and upgrade as well as the new mode, new path and new measure of international production material market construction. 

Chen Wenling, Director of Research Office Comprehensive Department of the State Council and Chief Economist of China International Economic and Exchange Center, Sui Xueqing, Deputy Director of Institute of Computing Technology of CAS, Huang Sujian, Deputy Director of Institute of Industrial Economics of CASS, Chen Xiaobin, Supervisor of No.2 Consultation Department of Xinhua News Agency Economic Information Department, Mao Jun, Deputy Director of International Trade and Economic Cooperation Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, Dr. Guan Lixin,Consumption Economy Research Department of International Trade and Economic Cooperation Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, Jiang Yuexiang, Party Committee Secretary and Deputy Dean of Zhejiang University College of Economics, Wang Zuqiang, Deputy Director of Soft Science Research Institute of Zhejiang Provincial Party School were invited to give a keynote speech at the seminar. Zheng Yifang, Deputy Director of Zhejiang Economy and Information Technology Commission, Ma Jianguo, Member of Zhejiang Commerce Department Party Leadership Group, Zhang Mingfang, Director of Local Cooperation Department of Zhejiang University, and Xu Jia’ai, Deputy Secretary of Jinhua Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor of Jinhua Municipal People’s Government attended the seminar. Municipal-level leaders, persons in charge of relevant town and street departments, and relevant enterprise and industry association representatives took part in the seminar.

Huang Zhiping, Secretary of Yiwu Municipal Party Committee gave a welcome speech. He extended a warm welcome to all leaders and guests who attend the seminar, and expressed thanks from the bottom of his heart to everyone who always cares and supports the development of Yiwu city. He Meihua, Mayor of Yiwu Municipal People’s Government presided over the seminar.

At the seminar, all experts and scholars carried out the research and discussion on the road of Yiwu market transformation and upgrade and the elements of international production material market construction from the Yiwu market transformation and upgrade, application of computing technology in e-commerce, establishment of production material market information platform, establishment of Chinese commodity logistics system, Yiwu commodity index application and influence, development strategy and matching policy system of international production material market cultivation, international production material market feasibility study, Yiwu market influence and development trend and other aspects.

Maintain constant strength by reform and innovation

Production material market construction is just in time

“The market is the lifeblood of Yiwu development. The former leaders of Yiwu Municipal Party Committee and Government as well as cadres and masses have tightly seized every important opportunity in 30 years of ups and downs so as to grasp the development direction and overall situation, put forward a series of strategic measures and maintain the continuous prosperity of the market.” said Huang Zhiping.

From the “barter chicken feather for candy” to “buy and sell global goods”, from the “create something out of nothing” to “strong development”, the formation and internationalized development of Yiwu market is a successful example of organic combination between the government “visible hand” and the market “invisible hand” in the regional economic development. Whether the “develop the city by prospering commerce” or the “promote the industry by commerce” and “trade and industry linkage”, the strategic selection and policy guidance of the former leaders of Yiwu Municipal Party Committee and Government always take the market as the pace-setter of leading the economic and social development of Yiwu city so as to realize the development from street market to the mall, the divided market, the large comprehensive market and the international commodity city. The leap of five-time transformation of Yiwu market draws out a continuously rising curve.

Today, Yiwu has become the Chinese largest commodity distribution center, the Chinese important commodity logistics center, the Chinese most complete commodity exhibition center, the Chinese largest commodity export base, the world’s important commodity procurement base and information distribution center, which has the strong market attractiveness, 30 years of experience in the market development, strong economic strength and policy opportunity provided by two reforms as well as the advantages of logistics, exhibition, finance, e-commerce and other matching industries.

At present, Yiwu development is in a crucial point of transformation and upgrade and coincides with an unprecedented reform opportunity; the leaders of Yiwu Municipal Party Committee and Government size up the situation and take advantage of an opportunity so as to put forward the major measures of production material market construction and promote the new leap-forward development of Yiwu once again with reform and innovation. This decision gains a strong response from the people of Yiwu city and on-site experts and scholars, and we all agree that the opportunity of major transformation and improvement of economic and social development of Yiwu has arrived; Yiwu has the ability, conditions and strength to build the international production material market.

Time waits for no man, first pilot and first run

Go all out to build the production material market

Promote the pilot reform

In recent days, the State Council has officially approved the Overall Scheme of International Trade Comprehensive Pilot Reform in Yiwu City of Zhejiang. This is not only the great and glorious political task assigned to Yiwu by the State, but also the result of the provincial party committee and government attaching great importance to and greatly supporting Yiwu and even the very rarestrategic opportunity encountered by the reform and development of Yiwu.

The State endows Yiwu the right of “first pilot and first run”, which is an opportunity and even a responsibility and is a trust and even a spur. Standing at a new starting point of the history, Yiwu people not only dare to blaze a new trail, face the whole country, world and future, deepen the exploration and solve the major issue of overall importance, urgency and forwardness, but also fully use the right of “first pilot and first run” and plan the large modern and global market from the new history height with thorough decision and efforts so as to stand on the high starting point and build the strategic platform of deepening reform and innovating in system.

The international production material market construction ranked No.1 in the eight major tasks of “12th five-year plan” in Yiwu is not only the important carrier of fully promoting the international trade comprehensive matching pilot reform which undertakes the major task of “first pilot and first run”, but also one of 14 provincial-level industry cluster areas mainly constructed in Zhejiang during the “12th five-year plan” and the only trade service industry cluster area.

At the seminar Huang Zhiping points out that it is planned to take 10 years to build the international production material market with a total area of 12 square kilometers so as to form the new market group corresponding with the international trade city. In the aspect of industry selection, the construction of six modules: massive data storage and information processing center, supply of raw and auxiliary materials, supply of complete set of machinery and equipment, supply of spare parts and assembly, supply of measuring tools, and “Yiwu index” information releasing platform will be mainly promoted; in the aspect of construction, we shall focus on considering four aspects: industry, radiation, function and development so as to ensure the combination of high, medium and low ends, the equal stress on export, import and transit, and the high combination of physical market and online market. During the “12th five-year plan”, we will strive to build a project of supplier’s product trading and matching space, having a total area of 2.6 square kilometers and a building area of 2 million square meters.    

In order to promote the construction of the international production material market, the government, education and research institutes plan to carry out the development together. On the one hand, the leaders of Yiwu Municipal Party Committee and Government have signed eight strategic cooperation agreements and established the cooperation mechanism with the Policy Research Office of the State Council, Research Institute of Ministry of Commerce, Institute of Industrial Economics of CASS, Institute of Computing Technology of CAS, Xinhua News Agency, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Provincial Party School of CPC, etc. On the other hand, five investigation and research groups are sent to all parts of the country for carrying out the intensive market investigation and research on the import and export conditions of machinery and equipment, spare parts, raw and auxiliary materials, measuring tools and other industries and relevant industry products as well as the development conditions of e-commerce so as to provide the guarantee and support for a new round of take-off of Yiwu. 

At the same time, the departments at all levels in Yiwu take the “innovation and excellence-creating, quality and efficiency improvement” as the strong power so as to quickly promote the construction of international production material market. The construction, land, development and reform, commodity city group and other relevant units and departments actively promote the project approval, project proposals and other preparatory work and plan the construction implementation scheme; Chengxi, Beiyuan and other relevant towns and streets quickly and orderly carry out the land acquisition and relocation so as to pave the way for the barrier-free construction of international production material market.

Carefully plan, do the best we can

For the good and fast development of economic society of Yiwu

Add a new engine

The research report provided by the Research Institute of Ministry of Commerce thinks that the construction promotion of massive data storage and information processing center and “Yiwu index” information releasing platform can be taken as one of the next step strategic measures of market development, which has a very important meaning of accelerating the market transformation and upgrade. The relevant person in charge of Economic Information Editorial Department of Xinhua News Agency suggests that Yiwu should utilize its own unique advantages to combine the effective collection, filtration, transmission, utilization, interaction, control and other technologies of the modern information so as to build the new information platform of international production material market.

The experts also point out that the visible and invisible markets shall be combined tightly when Yiwu plans to construct the international production material market so as to ensure the active linkage of commodity trade and service trade, grasp the opportunity of global informationization, and fully use the advanced information technology for building the advanced and efficient information platform and seizing the opportunity of production material market development.

The experts say that the new Yiwu market group entering the international production material market will be the pioneer of transformation and upgrade of Chinese commerce and trade circulation industry seeing from the past development experience of Yiwu market. The new market group will provide the more extensive sharing-type platform of product show, information exchange and economic and commercial talks for the development of local industrial group, and will become the catalyst of transformation and upgrade of local industrial group; the continuous development of the market will greatly promote the urbanization process of Yiwu; meanwhile, the market is also taken as the link to connect the domestic and foreign producers and traders together so as to form the strong radiation force and become the growth pole of the region and Yiwu economy. With the improvement of business and investment environment in Yiwu, the new market group brings the business opportunities to the local residents, provides more entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for outside builders, and therefore becomes a “reservoir” of absorbing employment personnel. (Zhang Liying)

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