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Municipal Party Committee Brainstorms for Next Year’s Work Plan

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  Next year is a post-financial crisis era, a crucial year for our city to seize the development opportunities, and a key period for the overall transition and upgrade of the city’s economy and coordination of the comprehensive development of urban and rural areas. Currently one of the core tasks of our city is to plan scientifically for the work plan of next year and next period. From November 30 to December 4, the Municipal Party Committee held five successive conferences focusing on five aspects: industrial economic development, market and modern service industry, agricultural and rural work, urban construction and real estate development, government efficiency construction. With the absorption of ideas and suggestions from all parties, the conferences drew on collective wisdom to serve the Municipal Party Committee in the arrangement and development of next year’s work plan.

  Huang Zhiping, standing member of the Municipal Party Committee of Jinhua City and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Yiwu City, participated all the five conferences. Mayor He Meihua, Chen Xiuxian, Vice Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Song Yinghao, standing member of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of Yiwu City, along with other city leaders in charge of all fields attended the five conferences respectively. Relevant heads of all functional departments and towns and streets as well as some business representatives also participated in these conferences. Having listened to relevant briefings at each conference, Huang Zhiping would deliver important speeches, in which he made clear comments and suggestions for all the jobs to be done next year, ask the whole city to think, research, plan together, and then achieve a new consensus for creating new advantages, seek new development. Efforts should be made to ensure Yiwu seize the new opportunities for development after the crisis and maintain its leading position. 

  Integration, enhancement, innovation and breakthrough

  Promote a new round of the industrial economy growth 

  At the industrial economic conference on November 30, on the theme of “how to re-create new advantages and seek new development for Yiwu’s industrial economy”, Huang Zhiping pointed out that we must seize the rare economic development opportunities after the crisis to promote the development of industrial economy which should be placed in an important position. We must achieve a new breakthrough in the institutional mechanism of development zones through the integration and enhancement of development zones to expand space for development. We must boldly innovate and try to seek space in mountains and forest lands, and initiate high-altitude development projects. We must vigorously promote the construction of "headquarters economy", cultivate and introduce leading enterprises. We must change our mode of attracting investment, innovate and make breakthrough and actively introduce major projects. We must establish special development plans for large industries and major enterprises, using "one enterprise, one policy" to cultivate one or two large enterprises in Yiwu with an output value up to RMB 10 billion. In addition, we must also seize the current critical period of industrial economic development, and great efforts shall be made to promote structural adjustment. We must try our best to optimize structure, develop technology, strengthen management and enhance overall competitiveness and services so as to promote Yiwu’s industrial economy to a new level. 

  Accelerate transition and upgrading of the market

  Ensure that the strong always dominates 

  At the conference of market and modern service industry on December 1, Huang Zhiping gave his opinions on how to accelerate market transition and upgrading and ensure that the strong always dominates in Yiwu: first, we must firmly and unswervingly uphold "encourage business and build market" strategy and continuously strengthen the concept of restless transition and upgrading. Second, we must fully utilize the experience accumulated in the construction of Yiwu market, and constantly improve Yiwu market system and consolidate Yiwu’s "Market Heights." Third, we must give full play to the unique advantages of the real market, sparing no efforts to promote development and growth of e-commerce. Fourth, we must constantly sum up managing experience of proprietors for the establishment of a standardized "attractive and excellent" business team. Fifth, we must constantly consolidate and support the integration of service industry and the market to achieve a mutual prosperity. We must also actively solve the critical, difficult and node problems emerging along with the development of logistics industry and exhibition industry with a purpose of a more healthy and orderly development of Yiwu market. Sixth, we must deepen the reform of state-owned assets operating companies, focusing on the direction of long-term development and the research on development strategies. Seventh, we must actively carry out activities to promote "greater excellence and superiority, higher quality and efficiency", and spare no efforts to promote two pilot projects of comprehensive reform of international trade, as well as urban and rural coordination. We must create new mechanisms and seize new opportunities for Yiwu's development in the next period. 

  Advance with spirit of reform and innovation

  "Three rural" work moves to a new level 

  At the conference on agricultural and rural work on December 3, Huang Zhiping made clear suggestions on how to carry on next year's "three rural" work. We must firmly hold agriculture as the foundation of our economy and do everything possible to promote agricultural efficiency and increase farmers’ income. Specifically, we must vigorously cultivate leading agricultural enterprises, transform traditional agricultural industry, speed up all kinds of agriculture-related market construction, actively develop agricultural tourism, and enhance researches on agriculture development strategies in urban area. To achieve a new level in agriculture and rural work, we must advance with spirit of reform and innovation in aspects such as forest tenure reform, land space expansion, rural housing construction, environmental protection and pollution control in living area. We must spare no efforts to promote key projects in agriculture with a purpose of optimizing the city function. Enhancement and development of agricultural economic development zones and other types of agriculture-related major projects not only promote agricultural development, but also optimize the city functions. We must overcome obstacles and accelerate the advancement. We must consider it as our responsibility to maintain social stability and fully promote livelihood security projects. We must adhere to proceeding from actual conditions and earnestly strengthen administration of the work relating agriculture, rural areas and farmers, as a way to practice governing for the people. 

  Deepen the research of goal orientation on city construction

  Try best to adjust and optimize city function and layout 

  at the conference on December 4, Huang Zhiping put forward three propositions concerning Yiwu’s urban construction and real estate development: what kind of city does Yiwu try to build? What shall we do at present? How to build a city? Huang Zhiping pointed out that, first of all, we must deepen the research on goal orientation in urban planning and construction. We take "planes, lines, and points" as a start and carry out supplementary study until we make clear what kind of city we are going to build. Secondly, we must try our best to adjust and optimize city functions and layout. We must proceed from reality and fill the vacancy in Yiwu’s city construction under the guidance of overall urban planning. Now we must pay close attention to the construction of development zones and start the development of market-surrounding residential communities as soon as possible. At the same time, we must make special studies on cultural and sports facilities, tourism, Science and Technology Park, customs streets, transformation of the old urban district, so as to speed up the development. Huang Zhiping stated that the promotion of urban planning construction projects shall go with high-quality and high standards. We must set milestones during our building urban highlights to ensure a new bright spot appearing in the city every year. We must also promote real estate development and give full play to its important catalytic role in urban growth.  

  Strive to be the best and enhance our quality and efficiency

  Optimize Yiwu’s soft environment for development 

  It is of vital importance to create a more efficient and highly qualified soft environment for development to achieve Yiwu's better and faster development. On December 4, at the conference on government efficiency construction, Huang Zhiping pointed out that it is necessary to fully understand government status and functions in the process of enhancing the scientific level of Party building. We must promote the building of executive forces with "strive to be the best and enhance our quality and efficiency" as the foundation, solve the prominent problems such as "acts of remissness, carelessness or omission" complained by the general public, and spare no effort to promote government efficiency construction. We must further strengthen the tenacious working style of continuous fighting, the innovative spirit of standing in the forefront, and the courageous sense of responsibility. We must optimize the accountability system, strengthen accountability supervision, run accountability system rigidly and tighten accountability assessment. We must practically improve the officials' executive ability to ensure a faster solution, higher efficiency and better service in Yiwu, so as to create a wonderful soft environment for Yiwu’s economic and social development, business invitation and capital introduction, which provides an important support for Yiwu to maintain its leading position in Zhejiang Province, and even in China.

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