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  • HOLA AMIGOS ! agente de compras en yiwu ,Export Agent
    HOLA AMIGOS ! agente de compras en yiwu ,Export Agent
    AMAZING IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD : Argentina,Guatamala,Spain,Mexico,Espana,Latin America,Peru.Yiwu,Yiwu en China,mercado de Yiwu,agente de compra,agente de compras,intérprete,traductor,guía,intérprete de mercado,Yiwu Buying Agent,yiwu business interpreter in spanish,fair de yiwu,yiwu ciudad,correos de amigos de china,Agentes en la ciudad de yiwu,compra al por mayor china,site de compra da china,agente de compras en yiwu,AMIGOS EN YIWU,guia interprete de yiwu,lugares turisticos en yiwu,agente de compra en YIWO,comprar de China,exportacion en yiwu,principales companias,yiwu agente espanol,look for a interpretor,yiwu spanish agent,guia mercado intercacional de comercio yiwu,agente de compras argentino en yiwu,la agente de compras en Yiwu de China,yiwu agente de compras
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  • Yiwu Fair
    Yiwu Fair

    Venue:Yiwu International Exhibition Center
    Scale: Exhibition Area: 120,000 square meters; Exhibition Booths of International Standard: 5,000 ; Exhibitors: More than 3,000 ; Professional Traders: 110,000 ; Overseas Traders: 17,000 ; Overseas Trading Group: 80;

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  • Yiwu Futian Market District 1
    Yiwu Futian Market District 1
    yiwu,yiwu city,yiwu market,futian market,market map,china yiwu international trade mart,wholesale market,yiwu market phase 1,futian markets district,Map of futian market yiwu,A,B,C,D,E district,Futian Market
    F4 : Christmas Decoration
    F3 : Arts & Crafts,most supplier of Christmas Decoration on A3
    F2 : Jewelry, Ornaments ,Beads
    F1 : Artificial Flowers, Toys(BALLONS)
    Block A,B,C,D,E

    hiyiwu.cn/page.asp?id=3 2013-05-31 20:21:35

  • Yiwu Futian Market District 2
    Yiwu Futian Market District 2
    yiwu,yiwu city,yiwu market,yiwu futian market,guide,market guide,market map,market guider,china yiwu international trade mart,yiwu market phase 2,futian markets district,Map of futian market yiwu,hardware wholesale market.
    F4: WenZhou LeQing Electronic Hall,HongKong Hall,SiChuan Hall,Korean Commodity Hall,Hardware and electric appliance,Electric,Products luggage area,Clocks and watches
    F3: Kitchenware & Sanitary ware, Home Appliances, Telecom Facilities, Electronic Instruments & Equipments,Watches & Clocks
    F2: Hardware Tools & Fittings, Electrical Products, Locks and Vehicles
    F1: Suitcases & Bags, Umbrellas and Raincoat
    Block F,G,H

    hiyiwu.cn/page.asp?id=4 2013-05-31 20:21:33

  • Yiwu Futian Market District 3
    Yiwu Futian Market District 3
    yiwu,yiwu city,yiwu market,yiwu futian market,guide,market guide,market map,market guider,china yiwu international trade mart,yiwu market phase 3,futian markets district,Map of futian market yiwu
    F5: Spain pavillion,Africa pavillion,Japan pavillion,Italy pavillion,American pavillion,France pavillion,Australia ,New York pavillion
    F4: Cosmetics, Stationery and Sporting Artcles, Zippers , buttons and clothing accesories
    F3: Cosmetics, Zippers, Buttons and Apparel Accessories, Mirror and Combs
    F2: Office supplies, Sports and Leisure Products
    F1: Pens, Ink and Paper Articles, Glasses
    F-1: (Underground Floor) wedding items

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  • Yiwu Futian Market District 4
    Yiwu Futian Market District 4
    yiwu,yiwu city,yiwu market,yiwu futian market,guide,market guide,market map,market guider,china yiwu international trade mart,yiwu market phase 4,futian markets district,Map of futian market yiwu,yiwu stock market,District IV, International Trade Mart, Yiwu, China
    F4: Bra, Underwear, Belts, Scarves
    F3: Shoes, Knitted Belt, Lace, Ties, Yarn, Towel
    F2: Daily Necessities, Gloves, Hats & Caps, Knitted and Cotton Goods
    F1: Socks

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  • Reminder of Foreigners affair
    Friendly Reminder : Because the service window moves ,From 4th January ,2012 , please go to Windows 2,1/F of Yiwu International Trade Service Center (No.279,JangBin North Road ) for foreigners' employment procedure . and Visa Office at 2/F . Yiwu Employment Management & Service Bureau December ,2011
    hiyiwu.cn/page.asp?id=255 2012-01-10 23:48:13

  • A Taste of India: Indian Restaurants in Yiwu
    A Taste of India: Indian Restaurants in Yiwu

    Upon arrival in Yiwu, I knew I wanted to eat Indian food, but was unsure where to go, what price to pay, or what exactly to order. I soon learned of a street where there are five affordable Indian food restaurants and a small Indian grocery store within one city block. This street, Chengbei Lu, being near the International City, seemed like a promising choice. Below is an introduction of some of these restaurants, all located between Chouzhoubei Lu and Gongrenbei Lu, as well as a couple of tips for those not so familiar with Indian food.

    Tips on Eating Indian Food

    When I began eating on this block in Yiwu, I knew that curry was a spice and little more about Indian food. I liked what I had tried when others did the ordering. Therefore, for those of you who are like me, I would like to share what I have learned.

    hiyiwu.cn/page.asp?id=254 2011-12-20 12:08:25

  • yiwu,yiwu market,hotel,visa,buying agent,traffic,weather,map,location
    yiwu map,yiwu location

    yiwu location on Google map:View Larger Map

    yiwu,yiwu market,yiwu weather,yiwu map,yiwu location,yiwu China,ciudad de yiwu,map of yiwu China.
    Renew visa in yiwu contact with Mr.Bill: 13750960137 ( cost about 300 rmb ) ,visa service in yiwu.
    Postcode yiwu : 322000 ,Area code yiwu: 579, to Call yiwu : +86-579-tel number, Yiwu Bus service number: 96233,

    Yiwu visa office   
    Yiwu Entry & Exit Administrator Bureau(visa office)义乌市公安局出入境管理局-visa issue center in yiwu
    Address:Foreigners' employment procedure:Windows 2,1/F of Yiwu International Trade Service Center  (No.279,JangBin North Road )  .
    Visa Office at 2/F . 义乌市江滨北路279号(原老的365便民服务中心,宾王客运站对面)
    Tel: 0579-85414444 or 85414400 / 85414462

    Employment card 就业证(就业管理局):0579-85435263

    hiyiwu.cn/page.asp?id=112 2011-12-20 11:54:59

  • Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College(YWICC)
    Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College(YWICC), grown out of Yiwu Branch of Hangzhou University (founded in 1993), is the earliest higher vocational college run by the government at county level. With the approval of Zhejiang provincial government, the preparation for its construction began in July, 1997, and in May, 2002, its establishment was officially declared by Yiwu government after acceptance.
    hiyiwu.cn/page.asp?id=248 2011-03-31 19:17:23

  • Al ser la única institución educacional universitaria en Yiwu,YWICC
    Al ser la única institución educacional universitaria en Yiwu, una famosa ciudad comercial internacional (a 1,5 horas manejando desde Hangzhou, la capital de la provincia de Zhejiang), Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College (YWICC para abreviar) es una universidad pública de jornada completa que tiene como objetivo capacitar talentos especializados en áreas tales como la administración industrial y comercial, etc...
    hiyiwu.cn/page.asp?id=244 2011-02-25 9:41:25

    Soy Pedro.Mis clientes siempre dicen:PEDRO ES BUENA GENTE. Si,amigos,soy buena gente.Enviame correo y pregunta algo.Yiwu, Yiwu en China,mercado de Yiwu,agente de compra,agente de compras,intérprete,traductor,guía,intérprete de mercado,Yiwu Buying Agent,yiwu business interpreter in spanish,canton fair de yiwu.Argentina,Guatamala,Spain,Mexico,Espana...Amigos,correos de amigos de china,Agentes en la ciudad de yiwu,compras mayoristas yiwu china
    hiyiwu.cn/page.asp?id=74 2010-11-16 23:10:04

  • China Textile City - ShaoXing Keqiao
    china textile city,ShaoXing Keqiao - China Textile City,curtain meterial,curtain net,sofa cloth,table cloth,garments ,constraction colth,curtain wholesale market,textile markets,curtain wholesale market,keqiao shaoxing,shaoxing keqiao
    hiyiwu.cn/page.asp?id=104 2010-06-24 15:43:05

  • Yuan not cause of US woes: scholar
    A top government policy adviser has said the value of the Chinese currency is not the reason for the US trade deficit, and that Washington should restructure its economy if it wants to improve its trade balance. yiwu,yiwu market,yiwu map,yiwu city
    hiyiwu.cn/page.asp?id=123 2010-03-17 18:25:17

  • Yiwu Snow Peak hotel
    Yiwu Snow Peak hotel
    hotel,yiwu hotel,Yiwu Snow Peak Hotel,1.5 km from Binwang Bus Center ,4km away from the freeway, 6km away from yiwu airport ,4 km away from yiwu train station ,hotel in the yiwu futian market
    hiyiwu.cn/page.asp?id=42 2009-12-22 11:29:02

  • Geoqraphy
    Yiwu is located in the east of the Jinhua-Quzhou Basin and the geographical center of Zhejiang Province, 119 degrees 49'to 120 degrees 17'east longitude and 29 degrees 02'13"to 29 degrees 33'40" north latitude.
    hiyiwu.cn/page.asp?id=8 2009-12-21 20:22:18

  • Overview
    Yiwu, located in the central part of Zhejiang Province, covers an area of 1,105 sq km with 6 towns and 7 sub-districts and has 716,000 local residents and more than 1 million resident migrant workers.
    hiyiwu.cn/page.asp?id=7 2009-12-21 20:19:37

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